• What's that?

    It is an agenda that centralize events that can interest hackers in Belgium. It grabs informations by parsing hackerspaces/others website. You can find the source code here.

    It is a (time I can find in) one weekend project to help a community that I love and try to encourage its members to interact more together.

    We now hacked a special JSON format, you can submit url of a document respecting this format bysending me an email. See below for the format specification.

  • My wonderful organization isn't present! This is SKANDALOUSE!

    Either I didn't knew its existence, either I didn't found the list of event on the website (I've put organizations that I knew in Brussels + hackerspaces from Send me an email or open a bug with the correct informations (basically I need an url from which I can extract events in a structured way) or patch.

  • JSON Format

    Hackeragenda accepts a simplified Json format for an organisation to specify it's upcoming events.

    For the moment it's a simple json object, composed of the keys:

    • "org" : Organisation name (mandatory)
    • "api" : API version number (mandatory)
    • "events" : A list of event object (mandatory)

    Each event object can contain the following keys:

    • "title" : Name of the event that will be displayed (mandatory)
    • "url" : URL for this event (mandatory)
    • "start" : start date of the event, in ISO8601 (mandatory)
    • "end" : end of the event, in ISO8601 (optional)
    • "all_day" : Is the event the whole day? (optional)
    • "location" : Human readable adress for your event (optional)

    Example :

                "org": "afypro",
                "api" : 0.1,
                "events" : [
    "title": "Small conf",
    "start": "2012-05-23 12:00",
    "end": "2012-05-23 18:23",
    "all_day": false,
    "url": "http://..."
    }, {
    "title": "Marvelous conference",
    "start": "2012-05-23 12:00",
    "all_day": true,
    "location": "123 avenue du soleil",
    "url": "http://..."
    } ] }

  • What kind of stuff are you ready to add?

    More or less anything that can interest hackers. But right now, I haven't coded a way to filter stuff yet so I'm refraining myself a bit. A part of my mental planning is: various meetup related to programming languages/framework/tools/sysadmin/network/hardware, LUGs, hacktivism, fablabs for which I managed to find an agenda and maybe a bit out of the bubble stuff like commons good events.

  • Can I submit an event?

    No/not yet, I was too lazy/haven't got the time to code this part. Feel free to send me a patch.

  • My organization has a strange colour.

    I've either try to find some kind of colour already chosen by the organization or just picked up one randomly (except for UrLab, I love pink). If you aren't happy, open a bug or send a patch (edit this file).

  • Do you have an API?

    Yes, you can access all the Event table here. IF you want to play directly with the data used by the calendar (which is fullcalendar), use this url.

  • Why so many hearts?

    Because Love.